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Now is a great time to get a free house painting estimate for the Estes Park, Loveland, Greeley & surrounding Colorado areas.

Each estimate comes complete with at least 2 local references as well as our written 3-year exterior warranty (5 year interior), for the interior, exterior or both on your home. We can give you a quote now and then set-up a time to do the work, now, a month or so down the road or even do it as a winter project at a time that will better suit your schedule.

When the time comes to paint their home, most people think that they can let it go another 2 or 3 years. What they don’t realize is the longer they wait the more expensive the job will become as more work; excessive scraping, priming & caulking cracks will be necessary to restore the house to it’s original beauty.

All materials & paint are included in each of our free estimates which come complete with local references & written warranties.

Though we are now based in Loveland, CO, we lived for 12 years in Estes Park & understand how necessary it is to do all phases of preparation before painting for both interiors & exteriors.

On interiors all care taken to protecting your home & comes with our 5 year interior warranty on workmanship which includes patching old nail holes or possible other holes large & small, priming any bare patches & masking off doorways, windows & baseboard, tarping everything from floors to carpets, plants to furniture & any other furnishings inside your home. On exteriors which comes with our 3 year exterior warranty on workmanship we start the job by power washing the exterior, scraping & priming bare wood, caulking cracks, sinking any loose nails, masking windows & doors, putting down tarps over driveways, shrubs & such, moving outdoor furniture to a safe distance &/or covering it before applying the paint or stain to the house, deck, fence, gazebo, mailbox or any other object you want finished.

Should your house have been built on or before 1978 with the possibility of having lead paint inside or outside we have also completed the EPA course on lead safty & are certified to check for lead & to work on such houses that contain lead paint.

Be sure to check out work we have done that appears on our Gallery page. Please see the headings at the top of the page.

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